Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Hi Deb and Debbie,
Well I just finished the book and am wondering what you're thinking!


  1. Hi Sisters,

    I have not finished the book yet, hopefully I will finish by the end of the month. It was slow getting started, but is getting better!

  2. Hi Sisters ~ Well - if Debby was slow I am slower. First it took me way too long to buy the book and then a wedding for our daughter Anna intervened....
    Now that's over and the guests are finally gone and I'm trying to find my old life again. I am enjoying the book very much - even though mysteries aren't my thing usually. Lots of friends seem to be reading the 3 book series and so I get comments that tip me off as to what happened to Harriet. But I will finish it sooner than later.

    If you haven't already - go on to the next one and at some point we can talk about them all.

    I guess the real mystery is what happened to Stieg Larsson. Some think he was murdered becasue he got too close to the truth of the Swedish secret police. Hmmm..